Every story involves fascinating locations and characters.  The hunt for these threads, and weaving them into a story from beginning to end, is what News Ink. specializes in.

We have a passion for great journalism and believe in searching for the most compelling and visually interesting elements to make your stories stand out.

Based out of Tokyo, we produce, plan, and coordinate shoots for breaking news stories, news features as well as documentaries in Japan.  Our clients include Aljazeera English, BBC Natural History Unit, France 2, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel among many others.

News Ink. team, headed by Aya Asakura, is the Japanese counterpart for all broadcasters and storytellers around the world.



The unsung heroes of storytelling are the local producers we rely on to find the people and places for a compelling tale.  Having reported in more than 20 countries, Aya Asakura stands far and above – her big heart and steely determination underpin her strong instincts and meticulous attention to detail – ensuring every story is an engaging one.


Steve ChaoSenior Presenter for 101 East, Aljazeera English

It is rare to find someone who not only understands the story but also the art of storytelling.  Aya’s passion, commitment and unique outlook inspire me to capture the best possible images.

Matthew Allard ACSCinematographer, Technical Editor of Newsshooter

I have recently worked with Aya on a new landmark series for BBC called Human Planet 2 ‘Rituals’.  Aya did an outstanding job for us. She has a very rare combination of journalistic and organisational skills. She has a reporter’s nose for a story, a director’s eye for a sequence, and the finely-tuned diplomatic and language skills required to manage the trickiest of contributors.  For our series she has negotiated extremely delicate and complex access into the secretive world of a Shinto ritual called Otou Matsuri.  She has also researched and set up various other key shoots in our series.  With her intuitive understanding of stories, people and politics, she has successfully steered us through a complex web of relationships with both subtlety and grace. She is clearly a great asset to any production.


Rob SullivanBBC Natural History Unit